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Let me introduce myself, :iconfoxbaibaiplz: my name is Kainat, which is means "The Universe" in Urdu. I'm 16 and come fromIndonesia.
I like drawing, but it's not good. I also like to write and do pixelling. And they're also bad.
I can tune vocaloid and photomanipulating
I also working in my dream novel project called "Karana"

I'm still a developing beginner artist. I'm your typical type mediocore artist.

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My gallery is very unorganized and messy. Sorry
Your comments, favs and watch are appreciated :heart:
Check my scraps also too :-)

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My quotes today: "No one have talent because no one is special."
Sorry for spamming your inbox with this, I'm so bored. This is meme of my neglected old OC. Maybe you think they are mary-sues, I'm not a really good writer back then and I'm still developing my skill. If you are curious with their design or more about them just ask me. And actually I have created a complete story of Tokiyuri. Ah whatever, no one will read this though... -_-

1) Pick 6 NEGLECTED characters <---- I only have three that I remember.
2) Don't change the questions
3) Please don't chose a character that you always use. It defeats the purpose of this meme.
4) Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)
5) Have fun!

PICK THREE CHARACTERS:: (Because I have only three, I'll pick three)
1. Tokiyuri (a Rozen Maiden fanchar, created around... Long ago)
2. Sunanomori (a Naruto fanchar, created long ago)
3. Lilac (Created around 2012)

1. First, introduce yourselves, since most of you aren't known to others. State your name, age, and one thing no one knows about you.

    Tokiyuri: I am Tokiyuri, Winter Lilie. I am just another doll created by Rozen.
    Sunanomori: I'm Sunanomori from sunagakure. I'll be a great shinobi puppeteer and I'm sure of it!
     Lilac:  Lilac, 25.

2. Second, lets go through your past. Anything you'd like others to know about you, something you regret?

I am meant to be the first Rozen Maiden, before Father created Suigintou instead. Yes, I am actually the abandoned prototype of her. My design was neglected until Father finished Kirakishou. I was so happy that I would be another doll that loved and valued by him, yet he did the different thing. Although Father gave my Rosa Mystica, I am still unfinished and do not have ability to absorb Rosa Mystica. Then I was displayed like I were a toy doll, covered with dust time to time, cleaned and then covered by dust again. I cannot become Alice; the perfect doll, and my another sister can. I am just an usual toy doll made to amuse human and only given chance to be alive, and my sisters was made and given chance to become the Father's perfect girl. I don't want to be weak in heart, but I just want an answer. If I were mean to be a toy doll, why didn't Father make me lifeless, feelingless. If there is a purpose making me alive with a soul, then what is it? Maybe I am not as elegant as Suigintou, not as lovely as Kanaria, not as pretty as Suiseiseki, not as steadfast as Souseiseki, not as noble as Shinku, not as naive as Hinaichigo and not as lonely as Kirakishou. But there must be a reason I am alive, isn't it?
    That is why I am planning to trick all of my sisters to a fake Alice Game of mine. I do not want to take their Rosa Mysticae or destroy them. They are innocent and should not be killed with my wrath, although I am jealous of them. But I want to prove to Father, that I can defeat all the doll who was created to be perfect by him. So I can be a perfect doll he can't even imagine, surpassing the Alice. But I am not sure, they are really strong. Especially Shinku and Suigintou. I must try a better approach to defeat them.
    Sunanomori: Hmm... Nothing special about me, I'm a daughter of owner of an pretty popular craftshop in Sunagakure. I like puppets and I want to be a great shinobi puppeteer. Although Kankuro said my puppet is pretty in look, smooth in movement but weak as weapon and told me to go to art school instead. I'll prove that he is wrong after I train harder. And also I'm a big fan of the kunoichi  Temari, but she seems to be creeped of by me after hearing my plan to make a puppet of her. I dunno why.
    Lilac: I'm a strong woman who's ready to kick anyone's ass if I want. I'm a specialist in drinking, challenge me if you want to be defeated.

3. Now present day! Why do you think you have been neglected?

    Tokiyuri: Maybe I was really meant to be neglected, both by Father and my creator.
    Sunanomori: I'm a fanchar and my creator doesn't have enough courage, skill and idea to make a fanfic according to her. It is my opinion that she doesn't appreciate fanchar...
    Lilac: Because she is so stupid and doesn't have idea to make a real story about me.

4. Do you hate your creator for that? Explain maybe how you would torture them or maybe discuss what you'd like over tea and cookies?

    Tokiyuri: I do not hate her, I'm only disappointed, as I am disappointed by Father. *
    Sunanomori: I told myself to not hate. no, no, no, I'mma positive person.
    Lilac: I don't even know who is she.

5. Okay so, if your creator were to sell you, how much do you think you'd be worth? Any currency you'd like.

    Tokiyuri: No... Don't... Don't sell me please. It this what I only meant to you?
    Sunanomori: The price of being the best shinobi-puppeteer.
    Lilac: So, what I worth is just stupid papers with nominals and tyrants' faces printed on it?

6. So lets go into the future, what do you see? A new owner? Being used more? Share your thoughts?

    Tokiyuri: To be loved... Valued... To know all the meaning of these. Please my creator, please Father... If I were meant to be a alive, give me a real life which I can have a meaning. And if I were not, just make me dead, just make me a lifeless toy as you wish.
    And as I execute my plan, I will get the answer of all of these.
    Sunanomori: A new owner is okay, as long as I can reach my goal! Yes, new owner please! Maybe he/she can see my potential better.
    Lilac: To kick more ass, so I can be the main character. I'm seeing possibility that she'll write about me although only a little.

7. Lets come back to reality now, is there any OC that you absolutely hate? Maybe for stealing your fame?
    Tokiyuri: Deep inside my heart... I feel jealous of all of her new characters. She draw me once and I was praised by people. They said I am pretty. But it's only lasted short, before the picture of me deleted by her.
    Sunanomori: Like what I said, I try to not hate. But yeah... I'm so jelly.
    Lilac: In some sketch, she designed me to be a person who hates or dislikes her another character. So yes, I hate some of them.

8. There there...Time to find out what it's like to be popular again...FAN-SERVICE! Okay lets all get you dressed up in Maid and Butler costumes!
    Tokiyuri: Is this... Really necessary?
    Sunanomori: Ugh... Can I wear butler costume instead? My legs cold if I wear short skirt.
    Lilac:  HELL NO YOU BITCH!

9. Nearly done the meme, who do you think will be the least neglected after this meme?

    Tokiyuri:  No, not me... Not me...
    Sunanomori: She drew me and showed me to her friend, I think it's a good sign!
    Lilac: I dunno.

10. Okay okay...The meme is done, how do you feel and where will you go after this?

    Tokiyuri: This is rather a waste of time, I will sleep in my box. Maybe...
    Sunanomori: Interviewed like this makes me feel popular, I'll train harder!
    Lilac: Don't feature me on a meme again. I hate this.

Meme by :iconxrikafurude:
Whoever want to do this, do this.

And sorry for grammatical error. My English is bad.
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faeorain Apr 15, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Such a unique style and great use of color in your works! Beautiful gallery :D
OMG thank you very much :iconcryforeverplz:
I'm not that good actually :iconcraiplz:
Your art is awesome as well.
faeorain Apr 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
You are definitely that good...and then some. Never doubt yourself, just keep doing what you do and always create art that comes from within your soul :)
Thank you very much :icontearplz:
smeagolisme Mar 24, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thaks a LOT for the watch! I'ts an honor!
You're welcome :-D
I like your art
smeagolisme Mar 25, 2014  Professional General Artist
I feel so flattered!!!
Linkerbell Mar 14, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks for the watch!^^
You're welcome...
Your art is sweet
Linkerbell Mar 14, 2014  Student General Artist
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After going through your gallery I'm assured that you are a stunning artist with absolutely beautiful pieces. Thank you endlessly for the watch!! Cheers. ^^
You're welcome and thanks for the llama...
Cheers too...
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